Humanity still teeters on the brink of annihilation because:

The Cause of Wars and Aggression

  • the nuclear threat has not abated; Recently, a U.S. missile went off course and Moscow was within two minutes of retaliation, believing they were under attack. The public was kept in the dark;
  • scientific research reveals that as few as 100 of the existing 25,000 nuclear weapons can produce a nuclear winter which would end human life on earth;
  • of a dramatic increase in the rate of wars over the most recent decades;
  • advanced war technology is bringing to life nightmarish weaponry undreamed of a century ago;
  • millions of people refuse to side with peace, believing that war is a necessary evil.

“Your book… is a truly remarkable accomplishment…a life work on an exceptionally important and controversial issue, written in low key though it deals with a subject that is truly a matter of life or death, not just for a few individuals, but for the entire human race… It is also written in a steady, logical, pleasant style… I agree with your thesis one hundred percent… I see this work as a textbook at the college level, and as such I think it could become a classic.” —

Harvey Mindess, Retired President and Psychology Professor, Antioch University, Los Angeles