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Critical Parallels Between JFK and 911

I’m surprised to find such scant mention of JFK Remembrance Day for 2005. Let’s not drop the ball. Remember the statute of limitation for murder does not and should not end, and some of the accomplices are still alive.

With forensic science being what it is today, all we need is the collective interest and will of the people to re-open the case. We, the people, must mandate an investigation beyond the reach of the federal government, and no more silly mock trials, with rules and evidence perimeters so tight, that truth inherently becomes the first victim. We have all the resources we need to evoke justice.

In fact, prima facie evidence has been sitting around all these years just begging us to act. Hidden for ten years from the public was the Abraham Zapruder video showing conclusively that shots were fired from the grassy knoll, one of which took off a large piece of Kennedy’s skull, which Jackie shortly thereafter was trying to retrieve from the trunk of the limousine.

A moral crisis has hung over our country since then, and it has only deepened with the disappearance of so much evidence surrounding 911.  There are so many parallels between the two events. We really need to integrate them into our thinking to help prepare ourselves for a major house cleaning we are about to embark on in Washington. We normally think this will be extremely difficult to accomplish, yet the answers can come right at home at your local voting poll. We have to get outside of the “insiders box” and vote third party, vote for proportional representation, vote for traceable votes, vote perpetual voting—a newly computerized system that allows us to vote on an ongoing basis, making politicians work for their food on a daily basis like the rest of us. As it stands now, politicians know that the public’s collective memory is short and that a lot a mischief can be had before the next round of re-election lies begin.

So let’s start to burn into memory some key parallels between the JFK assassination and 911. Parallels signify ongoing criminal activity, reflecting success and worth of repetition, according to the criteria for CIA “black operations.” Below are nineteen parallels, condensed to deepen our integration of overall understanding:

1. Warnings of the impending events are well documented. Calls started coming in months ahead of time, turning into a seeming avalanche of pleas just before they occurred, but nothing was done in response to them. In fact, some evidence was blatantly blocked from entering and circulating within the national security apparatus. Mike Vreeland, a former CIA agent, tried to deliver intelligence documents to the US government nine months before 911, only to find himself arrested and jailed in Canada at the request of US authorities.(1)

2. Normal protection was pulled off. Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty was a very important man in 1963. He was chief of special operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and carried a similar role with the Office of Special Operations of the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Prouty also headed the Special Operations Office for the US Air Force. Most importantly he was charged with protecting the president. Oddly, instead of protecting Kennedy in Dallas, Prouty was sent to the South Pole on a minor errand by General Lansdale, a saboteur for CIA crimes dating back to the early 1950’s in Viet Nam. The 316th Field Detachment of the army’s 112th Military Intelligence Group at Ft. Sam Houston was ordered to stand down during Kennedy’s trip to Dallas.(2) Military command headquarters on 911 failed to scramble air force jets in time to intercept airliners that had gone way off course.

3. The alleged culprits were identified almost immediately. Therefore, forensic science was not needed in either investigation. Scapegoats and patsies don’t require a valid line of evidence. Within hours Lee Harvey Oswald was declared the murderer of JFK. Osama Bin Laden was called the mastermind of 911.

4. The press convicts patsies, not juries. Neither Lee Harvey Oswald nor Osama Bin Laden was given a fair trial. Sound evidence in court proceedings has been replaced with the drone of corporate media inoculating us daily with only putative evidence of their misdeeds.

5. Preparing patsies for their role is called “sheepdipping” in the intelligence community. A trail of phony incriminating evidence is carefully laid down prior to an event, which inevitably leads to the scapegoat. Oswald was sent to Russia then Mexico and New Orleans where he was involved in the Fair Play for Cuba committee, all to dress him up as an evil communist. Bin Laden is portrayed over and over on the nightly “news” as a terrorist and a Muslim, who hates Christianity, freedom, and democracy. He allegedly takes credit for all the evil the government wants to heap on him, but television viewers have no idea what he is really saying in the video clips offered as ready hard evidence.

6. Both patsies worked for the CIA. You can’t make a scapegoat out of any passerby. Sheepdipping takes time and requires access to designated targets on a continuous basis, such as employees or contract agents. Bin Laden and his Taliban/Al Qaeda network were contracted to run the CIA war in Afghanistan against the USSR. CIA officials visited Bin Laden in a US hospital in Dubai a few months prior to 911. The fact that his family and relatives immediately after 911 were allowed safe passage out of the country when no Americans were allowed to fly was not considered newsworthy in the mainstream press.

7. The Bush family was linked to both events. Bin Laden was also invested in the Bush families’ Carlyle Group, a corporation heavily involved in the armament business. So the Bush family and Bin Laden are linked commercially as well as through illegal “covert” wars. The link to Oswald is more obscure. Patsy’s often have “baby sitters” (a CIA term) to see them through the sheepdipping process. This role fell to an elitist Russian oilman named George de Mohrenschildt, who was later murdered mafia-style just prior to testifying before the House Select Committee on Assassinations. His personal telephone book contained: “Bush, George H.W. (Poppy) 1412 W. Ohio also Zapata Petroleum Midland.” To Bush “Zapata” was a good luck charm, so good in fact that it was lent to “Operation Zapata,” the top secret code name given for the CIA plan to illegally invade Cuba in April of 1961. At the time, Colonel Prouty was instructed to find two US Navy vessels for the assault. Bush lived in Houston with his wife Barbara. Two ships were taken out of mothball and received newly painted names “Houston” and “Barbara.” Bush was appointed CIA director in 1976, but one might think that he was already near the top of the US pyramid of power by 1961. A researcher named Joseph McBride discovered that Bush started working for the CIA in 1960. Later, a memo from J Edgar Hoover dated the day after JFK was killed stated that the FBI had briefed “Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency” about the reaction of anti-Castro Cuban exiles in Miami. In 1988 Bush lied to Congress, stating that he never worked for the CIA until being appointed its director. We can see why. His first job was to recruit soldiers for the Bay of Pigs invasion first drafted by Vice-president Nixon in 1959. Nixon owed his political career to Prescott Bush, dating back to 1941. Two of Bush’s recruits were Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis. In a 1988 television special, columnist Jack Anderson provided shocking evidence that Hunt and Sturgis were behind the grassy knoll in Dallas. Nixon openly confessed hiring hunt to kill JFK on a Watergate tape, June 23, 1972. The Watergate “investigation” went into closed session. Only a few hours of 4000 hours of tapes have been released to the public. (3,4)

8. Lines of communication were disrupted or confused. Right after Kennedy was killed the telephone lines went dead in Washington for two hours, a trick Oswald could not have pulled off. During 911 Dick Cheney was running four separate war games. Some assimilated airliners crashing into New York skyscrapers, adding many confusing blips on the radar so the FAA could not figure out what was happening. Secretive CIA software companies like Ptec had the wherewithal to interface command headquarters with the FAA and over-ride existing operations.(5)

9. Cover stories immediately followed the events. Colonel Prouty picked up a special edition newspaper in New Zealand. Three-quarters of the front page was dedicated to Oswald as the assassin of JFK. Prouty noted the time. It was about the time Oswald was being picked up. The story had to be planted in advance. Oswald wasn’t charged with killing Kennedy until late that night, over twelve hours later.(6) Right after 911 television news barked how Bin Laden and Al Qaeda hated America, how the middle east is fraught with irrational enemy sentiment, and how hijackers prepared for their missions at US flight schools, yet no genuine connection was ever made between these claims and the actual event.

10. The fox guards the chicken coup. All the president’s men in each case investigated themselves. President Johnson, a conservative, stacked the Warren Commission with conservative southern democrats with Nixon conservatives. Nixon’s close friend Chief Justice Earl Warren headed the commission named in his honor. He later told Nixon that he was willing to set up another commission to get him off the hook for Watergate. Likewise, Bush cronies gave themselves a clean slate of innocence in the 911 Kean Commission, focusing all the blame on Osama Bin Laden. Conflict of Interest by the Warren and Kean commissions put the government itself in the position of covering its own tracks. Commission members should be randomly picked from the voters list, then, trained in procedure by nonpartisan civil servants.

11. The commissions committed hundreds of omissions. Any evidence or testimony that contradicted or truncated the “government” position of blaming Oswald or Bin Laden received little or no attention. Dozens of witnesses in Dallas were ignored. Some were intimidated. Julia Ann Mercer’s signed affidavit was disregarded by the Warren Commission. A forged copy was submitted instead, effectively stating the opposite of what she had written.(7) At 911’s ground zero, people said they heard explosions from below and up in the buildings, only to be ignored by the Kean commission. In Washington people witnessed a missile striking the Pentagon and were denied a chance to testify. On 911, Tom Siebert of the Washington Post reported, “We heard something that made the sound of a missile…” Mike Walter from CNN questioned the idea of it being a plane from American Airlines, “…That’s not right. It’s really low. And I saw it. I mean, it was like a cruise missile…” Again, they were ignored. Such blanket omissions constitute obstruction of justice.

12. Valid evidence magically disappeared. Critical forensic evidence was deliberately hidden, destroyed, or manipulated to deceive the public. JFK’s brain, full of evidence was hidden in the National Archives. Several years later when a forensic doctor was finally permitted to examine it, the brain had disappeared, hardly the work of a lone, dead gunman. The President’s limousine was immediate scrubbed of evidence and refurbished. No investigators were allowed near the car. Archconservative Henry Luce, founder of Time-Life, managed to talk naïve Abraham Zapruder out of his video. That night, on the day of the assassination, television news broadcast just a few specific frames of the scene. They were juxtapositioned in reverse order, to give the illusion that JFK’s head had been hit from behind instead of the front right from the grassy knoll. Untrained FEMA personnel were the only ones allowed to inspect the rubble at the World Trade Center. Neighboring videos trained on the Pentagon were immediately confiscated. The FBI burst into a room at a nearby hotel where employees were watching in horror what struck the Pentagon and snatched the tape for the recorder, never to be seen again. Small sections of the aircraft were draped and carried off so no one could see if it was an airliner. If the aircraft was an airliner, then why was there all this secrecy? The fire chief and his men couldn’t figure out what had become of the aircraft.

13. Invalid evidence magically appeared.  Out of seemingly nowhere, a bullet in perfect condition appeared on Kennedy’s stretcher at Parkland Hospital. This was later sold to the public as the magic bullet that zigzagged in space and made several entrance and exit wounds. Oswald was given credit with a shooting performance way beyond top marksmen’s skills. He was stigmatized as having “maggies drawers,” a Marine term for lousy shooter.  On 911 the passport of the alleged kingpin, Mahamad Atta, magically floated down from the sky fully intact. Later, we were spun something that has never happened to any steal structure building: that the towers collapsed patty cake fashion. Structural engineers like Kevin Ryan from Underwriters Laboratories have confirmed that this was impossible. Instead all three buildings fell predictably as in a normal demolition. Hami Hanjour, the alleged pilot of Flight 77, would have needed to make magical zigzag maneuvers like the magic bullet.  Like Oswald’s poor marksmanship, the FAA found that Hanjour had poor flying skills. None of the alleged hijackers were on the passenger manifest, yet suddenly the Bush team revealed their names and pictures, only to ignore later that six of the hijackers showed up back home, living with their families.

14. Critics of the plot are systematically demonized and censored from mainstream media: Jim Garrison, District Attorney of New Orleans, who brought the only court case against the JFK conspirators, was subjected to a cruel media blitz, hoping that the entire public would turn against him or ignore him. They chose the latter. Even the word “conspiracy” came under attack and anyone using it was considered unpatriotic or an idiot. Even today most people are unwilling to use the term for fear of being stigmatized. Meanwhile, jingoist hypocrisy during all this time has lent liberty to the conspiracy theory that a “commie” lives under every rock, morphed Orwellian immediately after the USSR collapsed to a “terrorist” living under every rock. George Junior’s pronouncement that “either you are with us or you are with the terrorists” befits the classic attempted coup de grace of democracy. In military states the people have no need for thinking or being part of democratic discussion. You take orders from the boss. G.H.W. Bush said, “What we say, goes.” Authoritarian elitist rule is always looking for a place to resurrect itself.

15. Evidence was fixed.  Faked photos of Oswald with a rifle were produced and used as prime evidence to condemn him in the eyes of the public. A legal autopsy of Kennedy was denied. A shoving match at Parkland hospital ended with federal authorities stealing his body to the naval base in Bethesda, Maryland. There they pronounced the findings inconclusive, all this done by the same military suspected of ambushing Kennedy. Ten years later, Luce released the Zapruder film to the public, only to have the CIA reversing the footage once again, spinning the illusion that Kennedy was shot only from behind. Immediately after 911, we were subjected to a televised barrage of Palestinian footage celebrating the attack on New York. What the media didn’t tell us is that the jubilance was from a 1991 Muslim celebration and was therefore used to deceive the public.

16. Critics and witnesses were killed. About 150 witnesses died mysteriously surrounding the JFK assassination. For a complete list of who, how, when, and where, read Jim Marrs’ book, Crossfire. Iraq weapons inspectors have also died under unusual circumstances.  One supposedly committed suicide, but evidence revealed that he was dragged into some bushes, not too likely for a suicide victim. Another critic supposedly jumped off the top-secret floor of the State Department building in Washington. Curiously, his wife was waiting for him downstairs in a car. Senator Paul Wellstone was an astute critic of the Bush administration policies. His plane crashed near Eveleth, Minnesota on October 25, 2002, killing his family, three aides, and crew—eight in total. The on-scene reporter insisted that plane had been devastated, unlike any weather related crash. Still, the press was only willing to report that bad weather was the cause of the crash.

17. The CIA Bankrolled the Events. In an unrelated trial, Nixon Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt was identified as the bag man in Dallas on November 22, 1963, handing out money and guns to people going to assigned shooting stations(8). As bagman, shooter behind the grassy knoll, and burglar at Watergate,(9) one might think the government would be interested in arresting him. The week before 911 Pakistani General Mahmoud gave $100,000 to Mohamed Atta. Mahmoud was part of ISI, the CIA equivalent in Pakistan who fronted for the CIA war in Afghanistan. ISI gave money and direction to the Al Qaeda-Taliban network that ran the insurgency, ultimately answering to the CIA and the US President.

18. The events include several “smoking guns.” By definition only one prima facie event is enough to smoke out the culprits. The Zapruder film of Kennedy’s head being partially exploded by a bullet from the grassy knoll is prima facie proof of a government plot. Before the assassination, “lone-nut” Oswald could not have possibly changed the parade route to come directly before him. This was the work of Dallas Mayor Earl Cabell, brother to General Charles Cabell who failed at the Bay of Pigs and was fired by JFK. In New York, the demolition of WTC-7 is again proof enough of an insider job. Building six protected building seven and still did not collapse. Moreover, the alleged hijackers could not have flown such complex missions without having flown jets, which they had not.

19. Both events produced the big prize. Congress allotted record increases in military spending for the Viet Nam war and the Iraq invasion. Kennedy’s October 2, 1963 National Security Action Memorandum 263 laid the foundation for leaving Viet Nam and scaling back the military. He was heading for an era of peace. By signing NSAM 263 Kennedy signed “his own death warrant,” noted Colonel Prouty. Kennedy would have easily won re-election in 1964, so the CIA knew they had to move decisively. Shooter teams began following Kennedy from city to city. Everything fell in place in Dallas with Mayor Cabell. The real prize was not just money but the power to affect “peace” through war. Many villages in Viet Nam and Iraq have been destroyed in order to save them, as military double-speak explains.

Sorrow for the nation and the Kennedy family had just begun. Robert Kennedy had won the California primary and was well on his way to the White House, promising to reopen the case against his brother. Robert was shot dead within minutes—again an alleged lone assassin. Several independent researchers found the CIA responsible for Robert Kennedy’s death. Ted Kennedy was warned that he too would be killed if he ran for president. He declined.

Now we learn that JFK Jr. may not have died by accident in 1999. Eye witnesses claim to have seen a flash in the sky. Victor Pribanic, a skilled trial lawyer was out fishing that night and heard an explosion above him. He later led the Coast Guard search team to the correct vicinity, where, they did find the wreckage. Parts were scattered for miles, some of it washing ashore eight miles away. Media reports went from confusion to apparent cover-up. The “news” said the weather was bad. Meteorological records show that the night was clear with eight miles visibility. Like earlier radio calls, John signaled the tower that he was starting his runway approach. The “news” reported that he had become disorientated, that radar showed him wondering around the sky. No MAYDAY call was received. The original radar records of a perfectly normal flight mysteriously disappeared to the dismay of airport personnel. A satellite image revealed that the plane went straight down; just what planes do when they have blown up.

JFK Jr. was a danger to the establishment. He planned to announce his candidacy for either the senate against Hilary Clinton or for the presidency against George W. in 2000. They were relatively sure that he would win and so was John. Moreover, John was preparing to blow the cover off the assassination of his father. A new era of scrutiny threatened the continuity of power by the warlords.

From here on out, keeping the cover-up of JFK Jr. alive will be just as important as keeping the cover-up of his fathers death alive. To this end, the public is subjected to periodic “reports” that serve as inoculation booster shots, reminding the public that “lone nuts” and “accidents” are responsible for the deaths of popular figures.

In the post World War II era, peacemaker JFK momentarily interrupted the presidential roller mill of Prescott Bush and his brand of Nazism, a man who laundered money for Adolf Hitler as a New York banker. Now look at the world. Grandson George W. Bush has declared a state of permanent war, emulating the vision of Hitler. This means a permanent state of war profiteering.

Shocking statistics and charts have been published by the Center for Defense Information in Washington. Since WWII the scorecard speaks for itself: military-industrial-complex $21 trillion in taxes, as opposed to $0 for a yet to be counter-poised peace-industrial-complex and the dream of feeding the world’s poor. Rocket science is not needed to recognize that a rogue organization has planted itself right in the middle of the US constitutional government. Still, remain doubtful. Don’t believe me. Do your own research, but keep in mind the following useful context.

The Frank Church senate committee findings of 1975 found that the CIA, by that time, had already conducted 13,000 covert operations, including assassination, kidnap, torture, election-rigging, and destabilization programs of any manner they saw fit. JFK tried to stop them by issuing top-secret National Security Action Memorandums 55-57. The Pentagon and CIA ignored all three and went ahead with their invasion plans for Cuba. Kennedy planned to smash the CIA right after his re-election.(10) Boy! Was he naïve.

All government personnel are required to swear allegiance to the US Constitution, but elements within the government and military have chosen treason. Now you know why the Constitution says there shall be no standing armies in times of peace. The founding fathers learned from history that once established, militaries become difficult to control. By the 1980’s President Reagan’s CIA director William Casey was walking around the White House bragging that the Constitution is just a piece of paper written by men and that other men can just as easily tear it up. Hitler too enjoyed destroying Germany’s fledgling democracy. He wanted a new world order, just as the Bush cabal has declared a “new world order.” A world military dictatorship is anathema to our US Constitutional democracy.

Hello America, our country has been overthrown. Do we have the guts to take it back? Benjamin Franklin predicted that the people would remain too politically illiterate and too intellectually weak to maintain the inchoate democracy he helped to forge. Let’s show the world he was wrong.

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