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Face to Face with Bo Filter – 10th Anniversary of 9/11 Recap

Author Bo Filter joins us for a discussion of The Truth About 9/11. In September, the corporate politicians and media gave us their version of what happened ten years ago. Now it’s our turn. And make no mistake about it; their story is impossible.

There can be no doubt that elements of the US government and big business were complicit in the attacks. This is most true of the corporate media; the attacks could NOT have been carried out without an assurance that no questions would ever be asked, because the official story is completely absurd and cannot stand up to scrutiny. The media have completely betrayed us. For example, why were hundreds of firefighters and police around the buildings when they collapsed? Because they knew that the buildings could NOT collapse. Why have the black boxes never been produced? Why was there no evidence of an airplane at the Pentagon? Or at the crash site in Pennsylvania? Where was the US Air Force during the attacks?

This was mass murder designed to lead to never-ending war, which we have had ever since; a massive attack on our civil rights which has been under way ever since, and the takeover of Canada by Corporate-America which is going on right now.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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