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9/11: Ten years after

2011, 9/11: Ten years after Lower Island News, Page 20-21, #3-4, June/September 2011 https://globaljusticepublishing.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/911-ten-years-after.pdf

Slaying Goliath: Give David A Stone

America’s behemoth, the military-industrial complex (MIC), has raked-in from taxpayers since WWII a cool $21 trillion.* If we consider the MIC to be Goliath, then the logical counterpart as David would be a peace-industrial complex (PIC). According to myth, David can bring down Goliath with a single stone. We can envision the stone to be some sort of taxpayer funding. To keep David from finding a stone, from obtaining federal funding, the MIC imperative needs to maintain zero funding for PIC. They say follow the money. Well then, the score so far since WWII is David $0———Goliath $21,000,000.000,000

Well, this is stupid, one might say. Everyone knows there is no such thing as a peace-industrial complex. If a PIC doesn’t exist, it naturally has no federal funding, which brings me precisely to point. The time has come to directly counter-poise the military juggernaut at minimum, but better still reverse the current reality of spending. Many people lend endless hours to peace work but with no taxpayer support whatsoever…

Critical Parallels Between JFK and 911

I’m surprised to find such scant mention of JFK Remembrance Day for 2005. Let’s not drop the ball. Remember the statute of limitation for murder does not and should not end, and some of the accomplices are still alive. With forensic science being what it is today, all we need is the collective interest and […]

Missile Defence Sovereignty Meltdown

Common Ground : Archive : January 2005 by Bo Filter Remember Ronald Reagan’s mad scientist program commonly called Star Wars? Well it’s back, morphed and repackaged from the strategic defence initiative, now sold as ballistic missile defence.  Like Star Wars, this prodigy is a violation of international law, particularly the clauses that prohibit the manufacture, […]