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9/11: Ten years after

2011, 9/11: Ten years after Lower Island News, Page 20-21, #3-4, June/September 2011 https://globaljusticepublishing.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/911-ten-years-after.pdf

Slaying Goliath: Give David A Stone

America’s behemoth, the military-industrial complex (MIC), has raked-in from taxpayers since WWII a cool $21 trillion.* If we consider the MIC to be Goliath, then the logical counterpart as David would be a peace-industrial complex (PIC). According to myth, David can bring down Goliath with a single stone. We can envision the stone to be some sort of taxpayer funding. To keep David from finding a stone, from obtaining federal funding, the MIC imperative needs to maintain zero funding for PIC. They say follow the money. Well then, the score so far since WWII is David $0———Goliath $21,000,000.000,000

Well, this is stupid, one might say. Everyone knows there is no such thing as a peace-industrial complex. If a PIC doesn’t exist, it naturally has no federal funding, which brings me precisely to point. The time has come to directly counter-poise the military juggernaut at minimum, but better still reverse the current reality of spending. Many people lend endless hours to peace work but with no taxpayer support whatsoever…