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Critical Parallels Between JFK and 911

I’m surprised to find such scant mention of JFK Remembrance Day for 2005. Let’s not drop the ball. Remember the statute of limitation for murder does not and should not end, and some of the accomplices are still alive. With forensic science being what it is today, all we need is the collective interest and […]

Missile Defence Sovereignty Meltdown

Common Ground : Archive : January 2005 by Bo Filter Remember Ronald Reagan’s mad scientist program commonly called Star Wars? Well it’s back, morphed and repackaged from the strategic defence initiative, now sold as ballistic missile defence.  Like Star Wars, this prodigy is a violation of international law, particularly the clauses that prohibit the manufacture, […]

2004 US election – True Vote or Computer Fraud?

by Bo Filter Common Ground: Archive: October 2004 Tribute to Athan Lee Gibbs, Sr.Athan Gibbs died under suspicious circumstances in a two-vehicle collision just north of Nashville on March 12. He had begun marketing the US-government-certified TruVote voter validation and verification system, a touch screen machine that gives voters a verifiable paper audit trail. The […]

Why So Many Wars?

by Bo Filter Common Ground : Archive : September 2004 To reaffirm hegemony is nothing new in history, but worse, a perpetual practice of entrenched aristocracies.  In case anyone fails to understand which side of the fence Bush sits, Moore shows televised footage of Bush bragging amongst the elite that he is proud to be […]